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Live RTP Baccarat AI (Artificial Intelligence)

You no longer needed to be afraid of losing a lot of money when playing Baccarat because Live RTP Baccarat has been created with an accuracy of more than 90% win rates. All of the Live RTP Baccarat that we are currently running uses an AI system or what we usually call Artificial Intelligence which is connected directly to the Live Casino server of each Provider that we provide. Apart from Live RTP Baccarat, we also provide Live RTP Slots, Live RTP Dragon Tiger and Live RTP Shoot Fish.

All the Live RTP that we provide are free of charge. To join Nova88, you only need to register via the list link that we have provided. Sexy gaming, SA Gaming, WM Casino and Allbet are very famous casino games in the world. Do not let you waste a lot of capital when playing the game Baccarat. With this Live RTP Baccarat AI, you have a greater percentage of profits and the AI ​​system for Live RTP Baccarat is prepared by a professional team that works directly from inside the RTP Casino Online, thus ensuring you can reduce the losses of Live Casino players when playing using the RTP Live Casino. If you have questions or problems playing, you can directly contact Nova88's 24-hour non-stop Customer Service by pressing the Login button to go to the official Nova88 website.

Tips for using Live RTP Baccarat AI

1. Choose the casino provider that you like. This free Live RTP Baccarat is available for Sexy Baccarat, SA Gaming, WM Casino, Allbet providers, each of which uses a different AI calculation system and produces a different Win Rate as well.

2. After choosing the baccarat provider that you like, you can choose which table you want to play.

3. For table selection, the percentage Win Rate from Live RTP that we provide is 100% and usually the lowest is 80% - 90%. As long as you follow the directions that have been given to bet in the next round, then you won't suffer many losses while playing.

4. After selecting a table, a betting guide will appear which already has an AI system.

1: The win rate is calculated from the betting directions given by each round.
2: Directions for betting on the next round.
3A: 1 Round = 1 set.
3B: The formula for multiplying the bet (maximum of 3 losses).
3C: The result of the formula (if it is wrong 3 times, it is counted as a loss).
4: Live Result from real casino games.
5: Banker, Player, Tie percentage stats.
6: Statistics viewed using graphs.
Red: The direction to bet on that round is FALSE.
Green: The direction to bet on that round is TRUE.

You should always remember the following technique to play using Live RTP Baccarat with 1 set of formula and divided into 3 in it where from each part in the set you have to increase or increase the bet by multiplying 2 of the total losses in 1 set if you want to get 100% profit in 1 round sets.
Example 1 round set:
- Example of the first betting capital in 1 round set is MYR 50 then the instructions for betting (Banker/Player) are wrong, then the next bet you have to bet is MYR 100 (add MYR 50 to the initial bet nominal, if you want 100% profit) and follow the next instructions to bet.
- The next bet is MYR 100 and if the instructions for betting that are given are wrong again, then for the next bet you have to double your MYR 150 bet (the total of the 2 previous losses) multiplied by 2 if you still want to get 100% profit, the total is MYR 300.
- For the next bet with a nominal value of MYR 300 and then your bet loses again, then your total loss is MYR 450 x 2, so the next bet must be a bet of MYR 900 if you want a profit of 100% from the total loss of 1 set. If the instructions given have lost in a row for 3 times (1 set), then you must rest for 1 set (2-3 times the bet) so that the AI system can calculate the formula accurately again. And playing according to this RTP Baccarat AI there will never be a 4th straight loss.